General Knowledge About World Passes

Vesuvius is a volcano in Italy.

Swat valley is in the mountain range of… hindukash

Saddle peak is highest peak in Anandaman & Nicobar islands.

Karoko tao is a volcano in Indonesia.

Approximately the south west monsoon begins in Pakistan in late July.

Alpine is the highest mountain pass in the world.

Siachen, batoro and chogo lugma glaciers are in Karakorum.

April 1984, India conducted an Operation known as ‘Operation Meghdoot’ to capture Siachen.

Siachen Glacier is the Worlds Biggest Glacier outside the two Poles. It is also the world’s Highest Glacier that is why it is refered to as “The Third Pole.” It is also the World’s Highest Battle Ground Ever

Africa is without glaciers.

Highest point of Asia is Mount Everest (Nepal-Tibet).

Mount Aconcagua, highest peak in the western hemisphere, located in the Andes Mountains of western Argentina, near the border with Chile.

Bodpo La pass is highest pass in Tibet (China) with height 19,412.

Donner pass is in California (USA)

Hispar & Biafo glacier is in Pakistan.

Siachen glacier is in Karakoram Range.

Baltoro gracier is in Karakoram Range.

Chogo Lugma is in Karakoram range.

Hispar glacier is in Hunza.

Malaspina glacier is in Alaska (US),

Namni Pass is in Myanmar.

Khunjerab Pass is highest pas in Pakistan.

Alpine Pass is in USA.

Lowari Pass is in Pakistan.

Khojak tunnel is in Balouchistan.

Bolan (Sulaiman range) pass is in Baluchistan.

Kolpur pass is in Baluchistan.

Shandur Pass is in Pakistan.