PPSC Assistant Director Labour Past Paper

Which is the largest community in the world without state?Kurds
Name of hurricane which touches the Florida in 2012?Hurricane Isaac
Who is the president of china? Hu Jintao
Who was the opponent of bema in election 2012? Mitt Romney
Sylhet District. Was the par of which province?Bangladesh
What is the meaning of term Annuity? (Pension-Allowance)
Which is the American state with most lakes? Alaska
Obama got maximum electoral vote from which stat? Washington D.C. (District of Columbia)
National flower of Pakistan? Jasmine
Who composed the national anthem of Pakistan? Ahmad G. Chagla
Timbuktu city in which African country? Mali
Next winter Olympics 2014 will held in which city?Sochi, Russia
Who is the winner of snooker world championship held in Sofia, Bulgaria? Muhammad Asif
Who is the winner of Wimbledon 2012 men’s single?Roger Federer
End of Eden book is written by? Graham Phillips
Real name of sher shah suri? Farid Khan
X=4 and y=2 then x2-y2=?
5(3x-7) =20 then 3x-8=?
If an object moves with speed of 30km/hr then how many meters travel in one second?
If temp at the morning was 13 degree and at the afternoon 32 degree then what is the percentage of change in temp?
What is the meaning of AASRA? Shelter
Yangtze River not passes through from the following country?
Capital of Libya? Tripoli
Most abundant crust in the earth? Oxygen
Who is the special envoy to Syria from us? Masood Khan
Capital of Myanmar? Naypyidaw
Ordinary mobiles communication from which rays? Radio Frequency and Microwave Radiation
Currency of South Africa? The rand
Who wrote misaq e hudaibyah?
Capital of Uzbekistan? Tashkent
Southern Cross is in southern region and at night skies how many stars in it? 4 (Alpha-Beta-Gamma-Delta)
Greenwhich time from where calculated? England
Zero longitude on the Greenland is known as? Prime Meridian
How many disst. In Punjab. 36
Latest dist. In the Punjab?(chiniot was not in the option, option was nankana shahib)
Which gas has the same chemical composition of CNG?Bio Gas
Trachoma disease related to? Blindness
Hepatitis C affects the? Liver
Which was the capital of Bazyntum Empire?Constantinople
Who was the head of Bazymtum Empire at the time of Muhammad (S.A.W.W)? Heraclius (but not sure)
Which sahabi’ name is in the Quran? Hazrat Zaid Bin Harith (RA)
Yasir Arfat died on the date? 11 November 2004
Ghyasudin Balban tenure starts in year? 1266
Bastille revolution was in the country? 14 July 1789
Head of bank of England is from the country? Canada
Who heads the commonwealth meeting?
Latin term Sui generio mean? Unique
Which gas use in the balloons? Helium or Hydrogen
Which is not the work of social security?
Which is not the work of labour welfare board?
Which is the article of labour law in the constitution?
Wages of women are in the act?
Acc. To act Age of child labour?
In which industry maximum child labour in Pakistan?
Child labour is prohibited in which act? ACT 1991
Minimum wages in Pakistan? Rs 8,000
How many millions child labour in the developing countries according to UN?
What is the circumference to radius? 58
Green plantation made for the cities, which city is not follow its?
What is the term related to Tokyo stock market?
Which order made the Gilgat Baltistan as separate province?
What is the meaning of fluent?
How many no. of peaks in Pakistan out of world highest 14 peaks?
Which is the following river in the pothohar platue?
Where is the head quarter of ILO? Geneva
Now what is the status of philistine in UN? Non-Member State (Vaticane)
After changes the status of philistine now equal to which country?
Latest UNO member? South Sudan
In 2003 G. Sec. of UN? Kofi Annan
What is the meaning of Hobson’s choice? take it or leave it
What is the meaning of term Leading question?
Iran, UAE separate by fall?
Break____(up, of, down, off)
Antonym of enthusing? enthuse
Synonym of tentive? Conjectural
Synonym of walay? Grain
Antonym of disjointed? Disorganized