PPSC Deputy Headmistress Past Paper

1 question answer method was developed by?
2 in which type of administration, administrator do not perform any action and all the work is done by sub ordinates? laissez fafaire
3 in teaching learning process, the task of supervision is performed by? principal
4 special daily allowance is provided to civil servants on visit to? small cities, big cities village hilly areas
5 which one is the least effective method to check learning or to evaluate a shy and deaf student? interview
6 benevolent fund is not given for? daughter marriage, scholarship of chldren funeral ceremony of family and purchse of car/bike
7 principal can grant which leave? medical casual earned
8 pereneliasm is a moddified form of? realism
9 store something and then getting it into consciousness is called? memory or intelligence
10 heuristic method? discussion method
11 student anaylize their own performance in? project
12 peel,s defination of educational psycho
13 which is a never ending process? learning
14 in experiment best method to choose sample? simple random
15 privatization? 1972
16 privatization in ? zulfiqar bhutto,s ere
17 minister of edu in 1970? noor khan
18 1947 education minister, or 1st edu minister? fazal ur rehman
19 at the time of 1947 edu policy president? quaid e azam
20 at the time of 1998 edu policy ? nawaz sharif
21 private school were nationalized in? 1972
22 1st detailed report on edu in pak? 1947, 59,72,98
23 minor penalty? censure
24 wood’s dispatch? 1854
25 hilda taba is related to field? curriculum development
26 arrangementof the elements of curriculum can be defined as ? curriculum design
27 sir syed is associated with clg? alligarh
28 nadva tul ullma established by? shibli naumani
29 literacy rate in pak? 57%
30 higher secondary edu is controlled by? EDO or DPI
31 1 defination of curriculum. it was by keer or stanley. i am not sure
32 what is education according to john dewey?
33 to convey order of higher authority which book is used? order book
34 in which book inspection officers or visitors write their comments? log book

36 what is bugeting? estimates of income and expenditure
37 establishment of AIOU was proposed in plan? 1972
38 when people open uni was established? 1974
39 supervision of school is main responsibilty of? headmaster
40 quality of edu depepnds on? teacher edu or quality of text books
41 administrator’s role as guide and friend is? administrative role or supervisory rrole
41 quantitative aspect or marks are called? measurement
42 assigning duties/reposibility to staff is called? staffing or organising
43 leaders are born not made is according to which theory? man made theory social power theory charismatic theory
44 typically supervision is a process of? guidance or inspection
45 power delegated through out organization is? decentralization
46 teacher is a ? change agent
47 elements of fear are ussaulay found in? inspection
48 if lab attendant wants to get leave, he will be considered as an employee of department? vacation nonvacation semi govt
49 if an employee is promoted to upper grade but his salary allowances other facilities remains same as before then this type of promotion is called? horizontal
50 if u want to promote student thinking and providing them chance to inititate, a teacher will use method? learner centred
51 which evaluation is performed after equal intervals? summative
52 which is not a quality of teacher made test?
53 learning difficulties are investigated in? diagnostic evaluation
54 informal learning is? lifelong
55 non formal edu has? flexible rules
56 a second chance of edu by open universities is called ? non formal
60 who performs responsibilty of supervision of co curricular activities? headmaster
61 the formula to determine IQ is given by? stern
62 define psychology? study of behavior
63 national expectations are? aims
64 which activity is least expensive for an institute? advertisemen, job opportunities, employee referalls, temporary rental services
65 edu defination by shah wali ullah
66 efficiency and decipline rules are prepard for? students teachers society
67 which is most important in curriculum development, or they are considered first in curriculum delopment procedure? objectives
68 what it is called to get people’s opinion about content selection? analytical judgemental consensual
69 the detail or statement of purpose or school is? school mission or school objeactive
70 how many classes a headmaster should take in a week? 6 12 10
71 what is measured by a test? achievement
72 your views ideas thinking is your? attitude
73 object permanence is characteristic of stage? pre oprational, concrete, fornal
74 best method to avoid guessing? sentense completion
75 achivement motive is? intrinsic
76 there was another mcq about extrinsic motivation