PPSC Excise Inspector Past Paper

  1. Electric current is measured by
    (a) Voltmeter (b) Anemometer (c) Commutator (d) Ammeter
  2. The hardest substance available on earth is
    (a) Platinum (b) Diamond (c) Quartz (d) gold
  3. With which game is the Agha Khan Cup associated?
    (a) Football (b) Badminton (c) Basketball (d) Hockey
  4. The monetary unit of Bangladesh is
    (1) Rupee(2) Takka (3) Rupiah (4) Dollar
  5. The Abbreviation NAEP stands for
    (a) National Atomic Energy Planning
    (b) National Adult education Programme
    (c) National Authority on Engineering Projects
    (d) Nuclear and Atomic Energy Project
  6. The solar eclipse occurs when
    (a) the sun comes in between the moon and the earth
    (b) the earth comes in the between the sun and the moon
    (c) the moon comes in between the sun and the earth
    (d) None of these
  7. The Red Fort of Delhi was built by
    (a) Akbar (b) Shahjehan (c) Jahangir (d) Sher Shah
  8. When did Vasco-da-Gama come to India
    (a) 1492 (b) 1498 (c) 1398 (d) 1542
  9. Who invented the telephone?
    (a) Thomas Alva Edison
    (b) Galileo
    (c) Alexander Graham Bell
    (d) G. Marconi10. Albert Einsten was a famous
    (a) Physician (b) Chemist (c) Physicist (d) Biologist
  10. In banking ATM stands for
    (a) Automated Tallying Machine
    (b) Automatic Teller Machine
    (c) Automated Totalling Machine
    (d) Automated Transaction of Money
  11. Which of these is not a mosquito borne disease?
    (a) Dengue fever (b) Malaria (c) Filariasis (d) Goitre
  12. AIDS stands for
    (a) Acquired Immune Disease Syndrome
    (b) Acquired Immunity Deficient Syndrome
    (c) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
    (d) Acquired Infection Deficiency Syndrome
  13. Persons with which blood group are called universal donors?
    (a) AB (b) A (c) O (d) B
  14. Oscar prize is related to
    (a) Literature (b) Films (c) Science (d) Music
  15. The first Indian recipient of Nobel Prize in Literature is
    (a) Mother Teresa (b) Rabindranath Tagore (c) Sorijini Naidu (d) C.V. Raman
  16. The headquarters of the United Nations Union is located at
    (a) Geneva (b) New York (c) Rome (d) Washington
    18.The place known as the Roof of the world is
    a.Tibet b. Mount everest c. k-2 d-Hamalia
    19.The first Secretary General of the UNO was
    a.Ban ki Mon b.Trygve Lie c.Machmelon d.John Hutson
    20.Who was the youngest President of the USA?
    a.Washington b.Obama c.Clinton d.Roosevelt
    21.What is the common name for ascorbic acid?
    a.Vitamin C b.Vitamin D c.Vtamin B d.Vitamin E
    22.The earlier name of Sri Lanka was
    a.Formosa b.Sri Lone c.Ceylon d. Sri Land
    23.World Environment Day is observed on
    a.5th June b. 5th may c.5th april d.5th sep
    24.The biggest desert in the world is the
    a.Gobi b.Thar c.Cholistan d.Sahara
    25.The highest mountain peak in the world is the
    a.Everest b. K-2 c.Turch Mir d.None
    26.The founder of USA was
    a.George Washington b.Wascody Gama c.George Camerone d. Roosevelt
    27.WHO (World Health Organization) is located at
    a.Vieana b.Newyork c.Geneva. d.Rome
    28.Adolf Hitler was born in
    a.Germany b.Austria c.USA d.France
    29.How many times Kalima Tayyaiba is mentioned in Quran
    a. 2 times b.4times c.6times d.3times
    30.How many times Namaz commanded in quran
    a.300 times b.500 times c.700 times d.900 times
    31.How many total number of Mukata’t
    a.27 b.28 c.29 d.31
    32.Suran Rehman is known as
    a. Beauty of Quran b.Preface of Quran c.Pride of Quran d. Start of Quran
    34.How many Mosque mentioned in Holy Quran
    a.3 b.2 c.1 d.4
    35.JANAT UL MOALA is a graveyard in
    a.Mecca b.Madina c.Iraq d.Riaz
    36.Eid Namaz is
    a.Farz b.Wajib c.Sunnat d.Nafal
    37.Battle of Badr was fought in very first of Ramzan on
    a.18th b.15th c.17th d.7th
    38.How many Companions were with Prophet in migration to madina
    a.40 b.45 c.50 d.55
    39.Transfer of Qibla was ordered in
    a.2nd A.H b.1st AH c.3rd AH d.10 Nabvi
    40.First forster mother was Sobia who was mother of
    a.Hamza b.Usman c.Ali d.Haris
    41.Social boycott of Banu Hashim took place in
    a.6th Nabvi b.5th Nabvi c.8th Nabvi d. 7th Nabvi.
    42.First Azan was called out in
    a. 10 Nabvi b.1. A.H c.2 AH d.3 AH
    43.Cave of Soar is located near Makkah
    a.5 miles b.7miles c.8miles d.10miles
    44.Bilal called first aazan of
    a.Fajr prayer b.Isha Prayer c.Asar prayer d.Zohar Prayer
    45.How many Ahadith collected by Imam Bukhari
    a.2lakh b.3lakh c.4lakh d.6lakh
    46.Ummmul momineen died last was
    a.Umaay Salma b.hazrat Soda c.Hazrat Khadija d.Hazrat Aisha
  17. Battle of Tabuk was fought in
    a.8hij b. 9hij c.7hij d.10hij
    48.Who added 2nd Azan for Friday prayers
    a.Hazrat Umar b.Hazrat Bilal c.Hazrat Usman d.Hazrat Abu Bakar
    49.Shaikh Abdul Qadir Jilani is buried at
    A. Rome b.Baghdad c.Syria d.Palestian
    50.Asi Ali Zardari is president of Pakistan
    a.10th b.11th c.12th d.13th
    51.Yousaf Raza Gillani took oath on 2008
    a.25 March b.23 March c.20March d.15 March
    52.who is the first chief minister of balochistan
    a.ata ullah mangal b.Nawab Akbar c. Akhtar Mengal d. Nawab Risani
    53.Kotli is the district of
    a.Balochistan b.Sindh c.AJK d.Fata
    54.Ahmed Shah Abdali defeated Marhatas in
    a.1661 b.1860 c.1761 d.1757
    55.Battle of Plassey was fought in
    a.1757 b.1657 c.1857 d.1756
    56.Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded
    a.Brahma Samaj b.Aria Samaj c.Independent Movement d.Shev Samaj
    57.Hindi-Urdu controversy started in
    a.1865 b.1866 c.1867 d.1868
    58.Muslim League founded on 30 Dec: 1906 at
    a.Decca b.Calcuta c.karachi d.Dehli
    59.Communal award published in
    a.1931 b.1932 c.1934 d.1935
    60.Cabinet Mission consisted of members
    a.7 b.8 c.9 d.10
    61.The only vice-president of Pak
    a.Nazim Din b.Bhutto c.Liaqat ali d. Noorul Amin
    62.First postal stamp issued in
    a.1947 b.1948 c.1949 d.1950
    63.3rd Martial Law imposed on 1977 july
    a.17 b.7 c.27 d.9
    64.In Sept: 1958 Gawadar was bought by Khan of Kalat at 40 lacs pounds from
    a.Iran b.Oman c.China d.uzbekistan
    65.Ayub transferred capital from Karachi to Islamabad on 1st August
    a.1960 b.1961 c.1959 d.1958
    66.it is was first to recognize Pakistan
    a.USA b.Iran c.Saudi Arab d.Iraq
    67.Barrages built on Indus
    a. 8 b.6 c.7 d.9
    68.Tomb of Babur is in
    a.Kabul b.Dehli c.Lahore d.Dacca
  18. Where is famous effel tower?
    a. USA b.UK c.Brazil d.France
    70.Who is IG Punjab Police
    a. Habib Ullah b. Habib Ulrehman c.Saadat ullah d.Ali ahmad khan
  19. FIR stands for
    a. first authentic report b.first crime report c.first information report d.first insaf report
  20. The hunter ran after his———
    a.pray b.prey c.Pair d.Priy
    73.He was guilty ——–stealing
    a. to b.of c.in d.for
  21. He was born ——a rich family
    a.in b.of c.to d.out
    75.Aslam———–in 1990.
    a.dead b.has die c.died d.dying
    76.70 men construct 150 meter long wall in 12 days so as how many persons construct 600 meters long wall in 30 days.
    a.100 days b.110days c.112days d.114days
    77.if x=3, y=2 and z=1 than find value of 10xy+6yz-7zx
    a.50 b.51 c.52 d.53
    78.monthly income of a person is 6500. Find income tax at rate of 5%
    a.3800 b.3300 c.4400 d.3900
    79.find value of a+b if a=2/4 b=2/4
    a. 1 b.2 c.4 d.8
    80.War and peace is written by
    a.John b.Tolstoy c.Smaual d.Austin
    81.Pakistan became UNO member on 1947 on
    a.30nov b.30sep c.30oct d.30dec
    82.Who wrote sulah hudebia
    a.hazrat umar b.Hazrat usman c.Hazrat ali d.Hazrat hamza
  22. Author of “Paradise Lost & Paradise Regained” was:
    a.John Milton b.john Austin c.Tolstoy d.Samual
  23. Mirat ul uroos is novel of
    a.Mustansar hussain b.bano Qudsia c.Molvi Nazeer d.Ibn e insha
    85.Andhi kis ka afsana hai
    a.Molvi Nazeer b.Qasmi c.Amjad islam d.Ghulam Abbas
    86.Faiz ahmed faiz ko Lenin Peace prize kb mila
    a.1962 b.1961 c.1960 d.1965
    87.Haram zadi kis ka afsana hai
    a.Ghullam abbas b.Hassan Askari c.Qasmi d.amjad islam
  24. Which vitamin is not stored in human body
    a.b b.c c.d d.e
  25. Milk contains water
    a.70% b.75% c.80% d.90%
  26. Anarkali is written by
    a.imtiaz ali taj b.bano quudsia c.allama iqnal d.altaf hussain
  27. one KB is equall to
    a.1026 bytes b.1030 bytes c.1040 bytes d.1024 bytes
  28. in GW Basic GW stands for
    a.gate way b.Get wait c.Goal week d.Grass weight
  29. war of independence was fought in
    a.1757 b.1857 c.1858 d.1758
  30. Objective resolution was passed in 1949 on March
    a.10 b.12 c.23 d.3
  31. Nicosia is the capital city of
    a. Cyprus b. Ghana c. Chili d. Zimbabwe
  32. What is the currency of Fiji
    a.Rial b.Dollar c.Euro d.Taka
  33. Hayat-i-Jawid is written by
    a.Hali b.allama Iqbal c.Shaikh sadi d.Jawid Hussain
  34. Shahnama is written by
    a.Jalandhry b.Firdusi c.Hali d.iqbal
  35. Odyssey (Greek) is written by
    a.Homer b.Dante c.Milton d.Keats
  36. Which is the smallest ocean of the world
    a. Pacific b. atlantic c.indian d. arctic